The European Governance and Politics Programme

Launched in 2018, the European Governance and Politics Programme (EGPP) is an international hub of high quality research and reflection on Europe and the European Union.

Building on the work and reputation of its predecessor European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO), the EGPP maintains its core activities through externally funded research projects. The EGPP is animated by the Programme Associates, leading scholars from different disciplines brought together by their interest in European integration.

Research Areas

The EGPP focuses on four broad thematic axes of research: Multilevel Politics in a Time of Turbulence, European Governance, Institutions and Law, Political Economy and Public Policy and the overarching theme ‘Whither Europe’s Union?’

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Focus on Brexit

The EUI community engages in the debate on the meaning and implications of a UK departure from the EU. The main contributions can be found here:

Media Coverage

Online Debates

Debates on European Politics

A selection of multimedia materials that provides a reflection on some of the national elections and referendums in Europe since 2017 and a high-quality analysis on the future of Europe by researchers at the Schuman Centre.

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