The Europolitan Papers

The European Union is currently facing a ‘compound crisis’ of multiple dimensions, most of which are not of its own making. It is being compelled to deal with very consequential matters of public policy for which its institutions were neither designed nor subsequently equipped. For the European project to better cope with these planetary mega threats, Philippe Schmitter has conceived the Europolitan papers, or E-papers, similarly to what Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay did with the Federalist Papers to promote the ratification of the Constitution of the United States.

These Europolitan Papers are essays, open for discussion by academics, policy-makers and practitioners, aiming at overcoming the core deficits and dilemmas of European integration by building step-wise a democratic European political system. They explore how the EU could seize the opportunity presented by these crises by proposing a set of relatively modest reforms that would gradually and incrementally change it into a trans-national and post-liberal polity with its own resources and democratic legitimacy. The Europolitan Project is work in progress that is as ambitious as pragmatic: it wants to engage European intellectuals to engender a process of collective ownership, by critiquing, commenting and co-authoring proposals for reforms, under the pragmatic constraint to do so without a formal EU Constitution. 

The project kick-off took place in late 2022 with a seminar organised jointly by the Schuman Centre and the School of Transnational Governance’s interdisciplinary ‘Cluster TD21 Transnational Democracy’ in the 21st Century. More events will follow in 2023.