Pedreschi, Luigi

Research Associate

    Office: VS031, Villa Schifanoia

    InDivEU Project

    Biographical Note

    Luigi Pedreschi is a research associate at the European Governance and Politics Programme, working on the InDivEU Project. He completed his PhD at the EUI Department of Law in September 2019 and before this worked as a solicitor specialising in commercial dispute resolution. He has taught and published in the fields of international trade law, EU law and UK constitutional law. His broad area of interest is EU external relations and its domestic effects. At InDivEU, he works with Professor Joanne Scott on the legal mechanisms and implications of external differentiated integration. Concurrently, he is revising his PhD thesis which is to be published as a monograph with Asser Press/Springer International in 2020.

    Selected Publications


    1. March 2020, ‘Public Services in EU Trade and Investment Agreements’ (Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2020)


    2. Sep 2017, ‘Balancing Efficacy with Policy Space: the Treatment of Public Services in EU Trade Agreements’, (2017) 20 Journal of International Economic Law 627

    Book Chapters

    3. Sep 2018, ‘The Social Dimension of the Common Commercial Policy’, in Delia Ferri and Fulvio Cortese (eds.), The Social Market Economy in the European Union: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Challenges (Routledge: New York, Abingdon, 2019) (written with Dr Vivian Kube)

    Short Articles

    4. Sep 2018, ‘Can trade negotiations be transparent and effective?’, TradeLinks
    5. Jun 2018, ‘Pharmaceuticals and Brexit: Keeping the industry healthy’, TradeLinks
    6. May 2018, ‘Financial Services post-Brexit: “Equivalence” does not mean “equal to”’, TradeLinks
    7. Apr 2018, ‘Services in an EU-UK FTA: what’s on the horizon?’, TradeLinks
    8. Mar 2018, ‘A New Consensus on the UK’s Role in Union External Action Post-Brexit: Two Wins for…?’, (2018) 3(1) European Papers 461
    9. Mar 2018, ‘Between Rhetoric and Reality: Consensus on the UK’s Role in Union External Action Post-Brexit?’, (2018) 3(1) European Papers 465