Immergut, Ellen

European University Institute

    Ellen Immergut is affiliated to the EGPP through her participation in the SoU-YouGov data cooperation on public attitudes towards COVID-19 mitigation and containment measures which are being analysed in her project, ‘Responding to COVID-19: Government Action, Government Rhetoric, and Public Trust’, as well as her completed project, ‘Healthdox: The Paradox of Healthcare Futures’, which investigates the politics of health policy reform initiatives in 35 European countries from 1989 to 2019.  She plans to organize a book launch/conference for the resulting Oxford University Press volume, Health Politics in Europe: A Handbook, forthcoming in June 2021. Previously, she organized the final conference of the NORFACE Welfare State Futures as EGPP event, and participated in the EGPP What Agenda for the Next European Parliament? Policy Papers – Special Edition.