Conversations for the Future of Europe: 3. The Future of European Monetary Union

5th March 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Emeroteca, Badia Fiesolana
Via della Badia dei Roccettini
9, 50014 Fiesole FI
Julia Maria Magdalen Hiltrop

The European financial crisis and the Greek bailouts threw the future of Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union into doubt and led to calls for reform. How can current monetary and economic governance frameworks be strengthened? Is the absence of central co-ordination of fiscal policies within EMU sustainable? In what direction should the future evolution of the Union’s fiscal and monetary framework move?

Conversations for the Future of Europe | January – June 2019

Objective: To guide the steps of the European Union and to mobilise its citizens so as to make policy change possible, it is not sufficient to analyse the past and criticise the present. It is necessary to develop concrete proposals for a better future and to subject them to critical multidisciplinary discussion. The Conversations for the Future of Europe aim to contribute to such discussion.
The focus of our Conversations will be to consider concrete and politically feasible projects which may guide the future development of the Union. A concern for political applicability, however, is compatible with creativity and boldness. Indeed, it may require it.
Format:  Each Conversation will focus on one issue manifesting as a major challenge to the EU. The issue will be briefly introduced by two presenters, each presenting a brief proposal for how to address this challenge. Presentations will be followed by comments from one or two discussants after which, there will be a general discussion.

Output:  The aim of the Conversations is to facilitate debate and inspire far-sighted, creative ideas for how to address current policy problems. However, we wish to share those ideas with a wider community. We will therefore invite all presenters to publish their contributions on our online blog. It is also our intention that some Conversations will be developed into more substantive pieces and published as debate sections in academic journals such as the Journal of European Public Policy (with whom we are in contact).


Waltraud Schelkle | London School of Economics
Eloïse Stéclebout-Orseau | European Fiscal Board

Discussant: TBA

The Conversations for the Future of Europe are organised in collaboration with the ERC-funded project EUSOL.