European Union Studies Working Group

Meeting of EU studies working groupThe EU Studies Working Group is an interdisciplinary working group created to facilitate discussion on EU studies related research. It understands EU studies as all research on European integration, EU institutions, political behaviour and policy-making in the EU, and the interconnection between the different levels of the EU governance system and its member states.

The EU Studies Working Group is part of EGPP and supported by Simon Hix, professor at the Department of Social and Political Sciences (SPS) of the EUI. The sessions are coordinated by Lauren Leek and Sven Schreurs, PhD researcher in the SPS Department.


The EU Studies Working group organises two types of event:

  • Research seminars within the EGPP Seminar Series that run during terms, weekly on Wednesdays at 12:30-14:00 in presence mode. During these sessions, PhD researchers or other speakers present their work to a broad audience of academics.

  • Work in progress meetings, organised monthly in 90 minutes sessions, taking place in hybrid mode. Here, (unpublished) work-in-progress is discussed, thereby providing a forum for PhD researchers and postdocs to present draft parts of dissertations, or working papers. Masters students from the Transnational School of Governance are also invited to join our discussions and presentations. The schedule of these meetings is available upon request.

The group strongly encourages PhD researchers of all disciplines to present their theoretical and/or empirical work in EU Studies Working Group meetings. All those interested should not hesitate to get in touch.