Telle, Stefan

Research Associate

    Tel. +39 055 4685985

    Office: VS031, Villa Schifanoia

    InDivEU Project

    Biographical Note

    Stefan Telle is a Research Associate at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies of the European University Institute. He is part of the Integrating Diversity in the European Union (InDivEU) project on differentiated integration in the European Union.
    Stefan previously was a Leibniz Fellow at Leipzig University (2019), a lecturer at Yangon University (2018) and an Early Stage Researcher in the MSCA ITN RegPol2 (2014-2017). He holds a PhD in spatial planning from the Technical University of Slovakia, an M.A./M.Sc. in Global Studies from the universities of Leipzig (Germany) and Roskilde (Denmark), and a B.A. in History from the University of Freiburg (Germany).
    Stefan has more than four years of research experience as well as multiple semesters of teaching experience. He has organised conferences and workshops, and worked on European as well as national project funding applications.

    Research Interests

    Stefan currently investigates governments’ positions on differentiated integration in the European Union. In addition, Stefan is interested in the link between European integration and the rise of populism in Member States. Previously, he explored the issue of socio-economic polarisation in Central and Eastern Europe through the lens of the European Union’s territorial cooperation program.

    Selected Publications

    1. Telle, Stefan; Špaček, Martin; Crǎciun, Daniela (2019) ‘Divergent Paths to Cohesion: The (unintended) consequences of a place-based Cohesion Policy’, in Lang, Thilo and Görmar, Franziska (eds.) Regional Policy in times of social and spatial polarisation, pp. 149-172, Palgrave (Open Access).
    2. Telle, Stefan (2019) ‘Populism and Citizenship in the European Union: Beyond Supply- and Demand-Explanations’, A Journal for Historians and Area Specialists(Open Access).
    3. Telle, Stefan and Svensson, Sara (2019) ‘An organisational ecology approach to EGTC creation in East Central Europe’, Regional and Federal Studies.
    4. Telle, Stefan (2017) ‘EU Governance and EU Cohesion Policy. Reflexive Adaptation or Inconsistent Coordination?’ Transactions of the Association of European Schools of Planning, Volume 1 (1) June 2017, pp. 45-64 (Open Access).
    5. Telle, Stefan (2017) ‘Euroregions as Soft Spaces: Between Consolidation and Transformation’, European Spatial Research and Policy, pp. 95-112 (Open Access).
    6. Telle, Stefan (2017) ‘An Institutionalist View on Experimentalist Governance: Local-level obstacles to policy-learning in European Union Cohesion Policy’, European Journal of Spatial Development, 66 (Open Access).