Itinera Europea: Four Scenarios and their Plausibility • Adrienne Héritier

21st October 2020 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Sala Emeroteca & Zoom
Sarah Bernstein

A Research Seminar organised in the framework of the Seminar Series of the European Governance and Politics Programme

Abstract: This talk is based on chapter “Itinera Europea: Four Scenarios and their Plausibility” from the upcoming book by Adrienne Héritier “Theories of Choice: The Social Science and the Law of Decision Making” (OUP 2021). Based on strategic interaction analysis, the chapter assesses the plausibility of the future paths of development of the European Union:  a federal state, a differentiated and flexible union, covert integration, or disintegration. Systematically varying either the preferences of the main actors or the macro decision-making rules and external shocks/crises, the analysis comes to the conclusion that a differentiated and flexible union and covert integration are the most likely paths of development. The chapter ends by discussing some implications of the different scenarios and their desirability, such as citizens reactions to ‘covert integration’.

Speaker: Prof. Adrienne Héritier

Chair: Prof. Daniele Caramani

This is a hybrid Zoom and in-person event. There are limited spots available to attend this event in person. (max 12 persons)

Please register at the link below and kindly indicate your preference to attend in person or online. In case of in-person participation, seats in the room will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Kindly note that because of the current COVID-19 restrictions all participants must wear masks in the room and that no eating will be allowed. Please make arrangements to have lunch either before or after the seminar.