How to study cross-cutting questions, with a focus on the social crisis

30th November 2023 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Seminar Room Mansarda, Villa Schifanoia
Mia Saugman
Scholars delve into the latent social emergencies amid crises, as part of the ‘Policy Crisis and Crisis Politics – Sovereignty, Solidarity and Identity in the EU Post 2008’ project

The social crisis is typically not on the list of EU crises that scholars study. At the same time, nobody would deny that austerity, the arrival of high numbers of refugees, the Covid pandemic, and now inflation have, as a side effect, manifest hardship for identifiable social groups in their wake. But these groups tend to be not very vocal. In this seminar, we will discuss how we can study this latent, local, and group-specific appearance of social emergencies systematically across the other crises that have a more overtly dramatic appearance.

By invitation only.