TRANSNATIONAL seeks to explain the intensity of polarization in Western societies on immigration, international governance, climate change. It combines insights from political cleavage theory, identity theory, and social networks to examine the sources and consequences of transnational polarization through surveys, natural experiments, and interviews. The research is funded by a five-year advanced ERC grant #885026 to Liesbet Hooghe. TRANSNATIONAL was kicked off in January 2021. Project leaders are Liesbet Hooghe and Gary Marks.


Research team

Liesbet Hooghe, Research Professor, EUI
Gary Marks, Research Professor, EUI
Julia Schulte-Cloos, Postdoctoral Researcher, EUI

Project manager

Jo Wielgo

Visiting Fellows

Ashley A. Anderson, Assistant Professor, UNC Chapel Hill (2022)
Nicoló Conti, Professor, Unitelma Sapienza University, Rome (2022-2023)
Ruth Dassonneville, Canada Research Chair in Electoral Democracy, University of Montreal (2021-2022)
Pieter de Wilde, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology at Trondheim (2021)
Gabriele Magni, Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University (2022)
Christina Zuber, Professor, University of Konstanz (2022)

Transnational ERC Associates

Jeremy Ferwerda, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College
Stephanie N. Shady, PhD. Graduate, UNC Chapel Hill



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