Focus on European Elections 2019

As an international hub of high quality research and reflection on the European Union, in 2019 the European Governance and Politics Programme (EGPP) has focused its work on the current legitimacy crisis of the EU. Looking for ways to enhance political participation and raise awareness among European nationals regarding their electoral rights and choice of political parties, the programme has developed two citizens-oriented projects: Spaceu2019 and euandi2019. In addition, on this page, you can find a special edition of ‘EP Elections Policy Papers’ on all of the major issues at the heart of the political agenda.


EU citizens are increasingly mobile and residing in other Member States. If you are an EU national resident in another EU country, you have the right to vote and stand as a candidate in European Parliament elections in that country. As an EU national, you will be voting under the same conditions as nationals of the country where you are resident; however, only few citizen take advantage of this possibility, mainly because of the language barrier and some practical impediments – registering, having the right documents, respecting deadlines.

Spaceu2019 gives you exactly this: all the information you need to vote in May, either in your country of residence or citizenship, both in English and the official language(s) of your country. And if you are a citizen living in your own country, we have every information for you too!


Do you want to know which political party is the best match for you in the next European elections?

euandi2019 is the Voting Advice Application built to help EU citizens
find out which political party is their best match in the next European elections. It consists of 22 policy statements that you are asked to evaluate. Then, it calculates how much your preference matches with the main political parties anywhere – in your country, in another EU country or all across Europe.

euandi2019 will be live as of April 26th.

What Agenda for the Next European Parliament? Policy Papers – Special Edition

European Parliament elections in May 2019 come at a critical time in the evolution of the EU: these will be the first elections after the anticipated departure of the UK and at a time when divergence on many issues characterise member state relations. Wider global developments weigh heavily on Europe with the return of hard geopolitics and efforts to undermine the global multilateral order.

The EUI wants to highlight the issues that are at the heart of the political agenda at this juncture. A number of ‘EP Elections Policy Papers’ were produced on all of the major issues and were presented and discussed at a workshop on 19 March in Brussels.

You can find the ‘EP Elections Policy Papers’ special edition here.